Strong man flexing back musclesWhen working out to build muscle, most people tend to talk about the details. They say, “Do these specific exercises to work your arms. Perform this many sets for maximum muscle growth. Do this many reps for body sculpting and toning.” The problem is, people don’t spend enough time talking about the basics — the foundational habits that must be made in order to maximize results. This is likely because the basics are not new or exciting — they’re actually quite boring. But paying attention to the basics is the best way to build muscle. They’ll dramatically increase your chances of seeing the muscle results you’re looking for.

Basic Habit #1: Give It A Rest

Recovery time is necessary for muscles to grow bigger and stronger. And rest is a key ingredient to making that happen. Contrary to popular belief, muscles do not grow while working out in the gym! Muscles grow only when they are in a state of rest. If one were to workout the same muscles every day, positive results are not likely. Give your body time to recover and your muscles time to repair. Provide at least 48 hours between working out the same muscle group and limit weight lifting sessions to 45-60 minutes.

Obviously, adequate sleep is needed to reduce physical and psychological fatigue. It provides the energy one needs to power through workouts and help build the muscle mass desired. But even beyond that, studies have also shown that inadequate sleep is a risk factor for a number of conditions, including certain types of diabetes and even weight gain.

If you’re an insomniac or have trouble sleeping, there is hope. Getting into and maintaining an exercise routine has been shown to dramatically improve sleep. Which will then improve your workouts.

Basic Habit #2: Seek Whole Foods

This is perhaps the most ignored basic habit when it comes to gaining lean muscle. Many think that stocking up on any carbohydrate or protein will help to fuel workouts. This is not the case!

Of course, protein is necessary to build muscle mass and carbohydrates are necessary to fuel workouts. So naturally, these have to be a large part of the diet. But it is important to differentiate between good and bad sources of each. Stay away from highly-processed sources of protein like boca burgers, battered-and-deep-fried meats, deli meats, and soy milk. Instead, choose natural meats like fish, beef, and poultry that are baked or grilled. Incorporate eggs into your diet and consider making your own protein shakes using raw milk, protein powder, and fruit.

As for carbohydrates, stay away from sugary foods and drinks, including energy drinks such as Red Bull. Also steer clear of refined grains which tend to be light in color like white breads, bagels, and pastas. Choose whole-grain options instead to fuel muscle growth. Add oatmeal and beans to your meals for complex carbohydrates that are whole, healthy, and high in fiber.

You’ll find that sticking with these 2 basic habits is the best way to build muscle mass. They provide a solid foundation on which to grow your physique and build the body you want.

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