Ripped upper bodyWhat does your ideal body look like? Take a moment to really picture it. Got it? Now, how does that image stack up to your current reality? For most of us, there is a big difference between “ideal body” and “current body”. For me, the difference was about 35 pounds of muscle mass.

I thought the best way to build muscle was to work out longer, harder, or more often. No luck there. I tried supplements of all kinds: protein shakes, energy drinks, creatine. No luck there either. And “juicing up” with unnatural drugs was not a road I was willing to take.

I figued I was simply born with poor physical genes and this was as muscular as I’d get. But that’s when I found a system from a pro fitness trainer and model that seriously changed my life, and I’m stoked to share it with you:

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This awesome program is packed with solid info and a variety of tools that helped me get ripped quickly. I learned:

  • common mistakes that ruin your chances of building muscle
  • the truth about muscle gain & proven techniques to burn fat
  • how to easily optimize hormone levels for maximum muscle mass without drugs
  • the best foods to build muscle & how to eat to fuel lean muscle gains
  • the most effective way to build muscle quickly & efficiently
  • why traditional bodybuilding advice can be harmful, even dangerous

Of course like most people, before buying I was skeptical. I thought all the testimonials were by people with “good genes”. So I searched out independent reviews and found lots of happy customers. Digging deeper, I found that he guarantees success in 60-days or your money-back. That sealed the deal for me.

Turns out, this muscle growth system has been the best investment I ever made for both my body, and even more importantly, my self-confidence.

Though I should note that this muscle building program is not for everybody. This isn’t about taking a quick-fix pill that will instantly burn fat and make you look like Mr. Olympia. (If you already look like that, you can safely skip this one.) This is an all-natural program that will take some effort on your part. The beauty of this program is that it shows you exactly where to focus your effort for maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

You get a great coach, a powerful motivator, and all the tools you need to pack on muscle like never before. If you’re serious about building muscle fast, get your hands on this program and make a commitment to follow it! If you follow the system as prescribed, I have no doubts you’ll see amazing results like I have. (It’s literally guaranteed, remember?)

It isn’t the only way. But experience says it is the absolute best way to build muscle mass!

Strong man flexing back musclesWhen working out to build muscle, most people tend to talk about the details. They say, “Do these specific exercises to work your arms. Perform this many sets for maximum muscle growth. Do this many reps for body sculpting and toning.” The problem is, people don’t spend enough time talking about the basics — the foundational habits that must be made in order to maximize results. This is likely because (more…)

Strong beautiful girl

She'd be a great accountability partner!

Making the decision to start a weight training program is an adventurous one, especially for those who don’t know much about the proper way to go about it. The best way to build muscle is to start with a solid foundation. Following these tips will start you well on your way to achieving your muscle fitness goals. (more…)